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- #302Not bad, considering i have barely posted in the last 4 years... I just used to post a lot back ...2011.09.05 17:01:00
- So um, did anyone else notice the following:As I mentioned previously, while I was unable to physica ...2011.09.01 21:56:00
- Back before kill mails, people still kept track of what was killed. The current CAOD was generally ...2011.08.29 00:41:00
- Laser (Pulse) Pros: Better range, faster crystal switching, Can hit frigs for full damage assuming ...2011.08.21 18:33:00
- I think the easiest solution would be to run the anomalies. ...2011.08.15 01:55:00
- Faction towers can't be scooped via a wardec, all it means is extra hit points for the potential kil ...2011.08.14 23:29:00
- You have 4 Drake pilots and therefore should run 4 missions at once.Negative, he should accept 4 mis ...2011.08.08 22:25:00
- I would like to think I'd look good in a top hat..... You would look like a chimney sweep. ...2011.08.07 21:00:00
- This is the EVE Online forums, no matter what CCP does people will wine here.Nobody whined about Tri ...2011.08.06 21:41:00
- Its up to you. The time saved is the same as the difference from +3s to +4s. So why do you have +4 ...2011.08.06 18:12:00
- Do you have recon 5? Without it the fit will be terribly gimped on the pilgrim to fit an expanded l ...2011.08.02 16:06:00
- Edited by: Hamatitio on 01/08/2011 20:54:45 ****ing medals?Edit, am I blind or do i see absolutely ...2011.08.01 20:48:00
- Hi there, What do you intend to do with this Tech III beast? ...2011.08.01 19:55:00
- They use nvidia.Do some research, find a good deal on a good card, and enjoy not being **** on every ...2011.08.01 00:24:00
- Just need a capital infini point, with a better way to hold the super carrier, they will take care o ...2011.07.31 21:38:00

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