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- MarcusMaximus Milius,7,8,11,24,45,49,54,55,61,72,90,124,128,142,156,162,167 ...2010.11.25 10:48:00
- I commend you for taking the time to write that.I beg you to never do it again.This horse has been s ...2010.08.05 06:01:00
- o7 Dregek,i don't know why there is such negative posting against u here. Especially all those gramm ...2010.08.04 18:54:00
- Sad to see greed devastating a unique vision of entertainment (though not for the masses, but for th ...2010.08.03 09:37:00
- winning a fairly even fight is great , butthe figures I gave are from the caldari killboard , I beli ...2010.05.03 11:55:00
- there you goSo the numbers become 168 v 85 pilotsShips involved caldari/amarr --- gallente ( be ...2010.05.02 19:29:00
- aye was a nice fight, aside from the horrendous lag. It's a shame you felt you had to team up with t ...2010.05.01 23:36:00
- Are you ....? One argument against your comment is that we pay for the game. Would you like to dri ...2010.02.17 20:22:00
- To all the whiners and haters of this thread.Throwing nasty words and sarcasm onto CCP is quite easy ...2010.02.16 17:45:00

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