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- So was the first thing to pop into anyone else's mind when reading the topic title the ancient B-mov ...2009.03.29 15:45:00
- Bring back the old effect or some cool new sort of "tunnel" effect. The little bubble doesn't cut it ...2009.03.15 05:16:00
- Needs a fix. ...2009.03.14 04:33:00
- yep ...2009.03.11 03:27:00
- truncated content ...2008.08.31 02:25:00
- Send one to this char. ...2008.05.25 13:35:00
- 3x Giga Beam Lasers (NOTE: Currently in transit to everything else) 1x Siege Module1x Sensor Boos ...2008.04.11 02:59:00
- I came over from WoW just a few months ago. Got bored, don't regret making the decision. Trying to f ...2007.01.06 18:16:00

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