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- pew pew was fun ...2011.03.13 17:24:00
- make promotion aech bump should keep it at top :p ...2011.02.17 13:17:00
- looking for a nul sec corp where i can rat and play around alitle im not into big fleets and lots o ...2010.11.09 18:19:00
- bougth a few tickets ...2010.05.27 18:20:00
- naa only that we were to small, think they saw the picture of Lil kyh that have been floating arou ...2009.02.25 19:11:00
- How has the animu name (Ken Zoku) been received by the people in the alliance? Are they hanging thei ...2009.02.08 14:11:00
- ****ing cheating ****suckers.what is this game really if u dont have to work for it. i so much would ...2009.02.07 11:14:00
- all trolls set a side - all the cheering can go the same way - now the answer is can goons nc pl et ...2009.02.07 11:10:00
- With all odds stacked in favor of Goons and their buddies, it's going to be even more hilarious when ...2009.02.05 19:42:00
- welcome back JC ...2008.10.22 10:39:00
- ill bid ya 2.5 bill for a starter ...2008.10.14 13:38:00
- need char ur selling to state who isk goes to and a mail if i won and ill get the isk moving to yab ...2008.09.21 20:11:00
- 3 bill ...2008.09.18 16:45:00
- i call diemos or ishtar diemos if u have no problems using stacks off amo 13 dam mod when ratting no ...2008.09.09 09:28:00
- so im starting to look into all this but cant find any links sites form or any other relevant info r ...2008.06.27 10:11:00

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