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- NOTE: I only want to fly PASSIVE Shield to avoid cap drain issues and I have good drone skills so I ...2011.08.14 14:12:00
- Is it me, or do the Serenity pilots seem to have ALOT of ISK.There are more wealthy people on tq tha ...2011.07.28 22:35:00
- Injected tengu works well, although you need a supply of boosters in system tbh. Passive tengu is al ...2011.07.28 10:54:00
- ...2011.07.27 19:57:00
- I honestly haven't seen a successful 100MN AB/HAM Tengu. ...2011.07.26 09:15:00
- Edited by: achoura on 23/07/2011 11:38:36 The general consensus is that:Tengu: PVE king, only has 1 ...2011.07.23 11:38:00
- Edited by: achoura on 22/07/2011 19:42:31 Tbh on that ship (Vargur) you're best using the above fit ...2011.07.22 19:42:00
- Grouped = easier to manage (esp. sinc ehtye added heat) and reduced server load which = less lag. ...2011.07.22 16:26:00
- The other thing to bear in mind is when dealing em/ex the rifling launcher pattern with a set of ho ...2011.07.21 19:29:00
- Edited by: achoura on 20/07/2011 14:56:03 Problem with the active phanty is it's tank is the same a ...2011.07.20 14:53:00
- The ship you use to solo wh is the one designed to do it. The legion. Can probe, tank, kill, hac and ...2011.07.19 22:24:00
- If it's your first Carrier, I suggest the Chimera. It will tank better than most, and it's still a n ...2011.07.19 21:06:00
- Two clients, alt tabbed, on ap - still crashing ...2011.07.06 20:06:00
- Dont tease :( ...2011.06.23 12:33:00
- There's a cap on the sig return for probes which means adding extra eccm is just a waste of a slot.I ...2011.06.23 12:02:00

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