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- dont you want the EVE Technology Lab? ...2011.08.30 14:28:00
- •Geared towards T2 ◦Our current proposal is that hisec is for volume T1 goods, lowsec will b ...2011.08.15 14:54:00
- is this from the "officer spawn" in Gousoviba? ...2011.07.16 21:26:00
- Edited by: Hektor Fisk on 02/07/2011 16:41:30 It is CCP‘s plan that the Noble Exchange (NeX store) ...2011.07.02 16:52:00
- tabs are sorted alphabetically now instead of type and then alphabetic. this makes a stacked notepad ...2011.06.22 19:18:00
- Edited by: darius mclever on 22/06/2011 15:05:51 Hmm... no repro for me on this either. Are you on ...2011.06.22 15:02:00
- regardless, it wasnt publicized widely, and it's pretty bad form to alienate a specific clientele, i ...2011.06.22 14:35:00
- my right click bug is:1. try right click to paste something in a chat window. no reaction. 2. click ...2011.06.22 13:50:00
- Have installed the update now all it does when launches is crash my computer right back to start up ...2011.06.22 13:32:00
- Edited by: cadasher Attor on 22/06/2011 13:24:17 So, if I experiance ''Shader model 3 is required t ...2011.06.22 13:31:00
- Something i have noticed aswell is that you cant right click edit member.This makes the role managme ...2011.06.22 13:29:00
- bsod when trying to load CQs after my comp tried to cook itselfyou might have fried your gfx card. ...2011.06.22 11:50:00
- like others, i can't tell why the gun icons were changed. before, i could quickly glance at them and ...2011.06.22 01:58:00
- Edited by: Akita T on 22/06/2011 01:20:32ISSUE BROUGHT FORTH A FEW WEEKS AGO.The CQ environment (sti ...2011.06.22 01:34:00
- i want a dev update yesterday on this issue. say something damnit.500 postings ago you got this.whic ...2011.06.21 19:39:00

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