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- x ...2011.06.28 13:27:00
- SSE2 support required.My computer doesn't support that.Am I totally screwed now? ...2011.01.18 19:02:00
- Maybe instad of a mission it should simply be a contract.The contract can expire but if said person ...2010.10.27 21:40:00
- Edited by: Gwen Ingolffson on 20/10/2010 19:21:04 Edited by: Gwen Ingolffson on 20/10/2010 19:20:06 ...2010.10.20 19:17:00
- CCP: Why don't you take the expected downtime, add six hours to it, and then when you actually get t ...2010.09.30 14:30:00
- Kinda hard for me to figure, 'cause not all the PI materials I obtain are obtained legally I am turn ...2010.09.01 18:11:00
- Need a ship that can haul a crapton of loot and be able to shoot stuff.By crapton I'm talking about ...2010.07.16 22:00:00
- I don't mine so much for PI materials - I just hunt PI material convoys and pop them (the NPC ones)V ...2010.07.13 03:19:00
- Anyone know where/if NPC convoys drop things like industrial fibers? ...2010.07.01 18:53:00
- Fly within 2500m of the drones, then right click them and "Scoop to Drone Bay".and if you don't know ...2010.05.07 14:13:00
- wham no longer exists. please get back on topic.. feel free to make complaints directly to me as to ...2010.03.30 17:26:00
- Mission running is blood money.Mission runners are making money off the blood of millions.It behoove ...2010.03.26 17:53:00
- Get Recon 3/3 and wait in your well tanked perma running ship with microwarpdrive on and drones out ...2010.03.24 23:55:00
- I've done a few of these in a blaster Proteus (I say a few because I don't run a lot of missions).An ...2010.03.17 21:49:00
- sent ...2010.02.22 21:49:00

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