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- Edited by: Ethan Bellator on 14/06/2011 03:28:51 I fully support this topic. The POS mechanics need ...2011.06.14 03:24:00
- I'm not a fan of Tengus in general. I hate 'em, because I see them as 1bil Drakes.But that Tengu ri ...2011.06.11 19:59:00
- I'm hunting them down and so far I'm only seeing the threads from the first segment of rounds today. ...2011.06.11 19:46:00
- Hey there, how long until you all fix POS, or at least allow WHs to get stations?Also, are you award ...2011.06.11 19:34:00
- Here's my entry: BlackjackA riveting tale following a very active Civire mercenary as he goes throug ...2011.03.17 21:27:00
- The soldier drew a knife, and its blade lit up with a lining of plasma. It was obvious this guy real ...2011.03.17 21:14:00
- “What the Hell is going on in there?!” The Jin Mei shouted from her pod. Jack went hand-over-fist on ...2011.03.17 21:11:00
- “Bull, shenanigans, whichever term you're used to now.”“There is no such thing here. She has some ve ...2011.03.17 21:05:00
- Edited by: Ethan Bellator on 17/03/2011 21:07:08 Edited by: Ethan Bellator on 17/03/2011 20:58:24 ...2011.03.17 20:58:00
- The bass of the club's music was pounding, creating a pulse to the room. The people inside were movi ...2011.03.17 20:55:00
- Edited by: Ethan Bellator on 17/03/2011 21:48:59 A story I wrote for Silver Night's contest. Will p ...2011.03.17 20:51:00
- Signed ...2011.03.01 12:58:00
- All of those guys against Empire's capsuleers?****-poor odds for the little guys, who I would assume ...2010.06.26 20:28:00
- The current board of ebank are a bunch of incompetent thieves. CCP needs to sieze the assets of al ...2009.12.05 23:10:00
- Amazing idea./sign ...2009.11.11 22:35:00

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