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- You're changing what you said.In 'normal' functioning bodies the body will only burn significant amo ...2010.08.01 01:02:00
- Edited by: Adonis 4174 on 31/07/2010 17:18:29 Edited by: Adonis 4174 on 31/07/2010 17:17:36 In 'no ...2010.07.31 17:05:00
- Edited by: Adonis 4174 on 31/07/2010 10:20:32 Atkins isn't zero-carb, but Stillman is and it elicit ...2010.07.31 10:19:00
- Atkins isn't zero-carb, but Stillman is and it elicits faster weight loss.Full disclosure: 3 stone a ...2010.07.30 22:58:00
- Ginny LengThere's one or two Ginnies. ...2010.01.13 14:53:00
- Sorry, no, you can buy a GTC without an account. Many players have got them for Christmas from peopl ...2010.01.12 14:07:00
- What part of the PLEX and GTC makes them different?Ownership.Your GTC is your property and if scamme ...2010.01.12 13:49:00
- Sadly I don't think the panel video is available still, but this was discussed at Fanfest a while ag ...2010.01.12 12:57:00
- For the record, I knew a Scotsman who did a serious study on how much money he could make playing Wo ...2010.01.06 08:34:00
- everyone needs an healthy obsession on this time and age, or else you'll go bonkers Fair enough, i ...2010.01.05 22:08:00
- my strong feelings about furries start, and end, with the sound of a 12-gauge being shot at them.Tha ...2010.01.05 21:17:00
- Wow, Grimpak, furries seem really important to you if you feel that strongly about them. ...2010.01.05 21:08:00
- Are furries still funny? ...2010.01.05 20:49:00
- Both > Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.I'll reverse the polarity of your neutron flow in a ...2010.01.05 20:03:00
- So, you like Tom Baker then?You say that like it's a choice. Everyone prefers their first Doctor and ...2010.01.04 14:41:00

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