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- I've actually been doing some testing lately, and I've come to the conclusion that Amarr drones are ...2011.04.29 11:17:00
- The Drake fit looks a You've got purger rigs x3, so that's a good start, but not having b ...2010.10.01 10:11:00
- I'd actually pay 1M for a share, contact me in-game. ...2010.09.12 11:40:00
- I disagree with the kin/exp/invuln advice. Even though angels do about double kin over EM damage, s ...2010.09.09 09:27:00
- if you want an overly simplistic answer, there are two paths I've personally done.Missiles: Kestrel- ...2010.09.07 09:19:00
- Here's the fit that I use in my Domi currently. It tanks just fine, and I'm considering dropping sl ...2010.08.31 20:17:00
- For the love of God, why does everyone think that you need something crazy to run L4 missions in a D ...2010.08.21 11:47:00
- Personally, I can tank any L4 just fine in a Raven (vanilla) with a 350 sustained DPS tank. I did s ...2010.04.27 10:12:00
- Tengu is a solid option, but you could also just use a Drake. You can get about 500 DPS out of one ...2010.04.21 09:24:00
- I actually run all my L4 missions with a similar fit, just one less SPR (third BCSII) and an AB inst ...2010.03.29 09:26:00
- ...and now for something completely different.My recommendation for a mission runner changes based o ...2010.03.09 11:52:00
- If it were me (and I collected stuff from a region yesterday) you can just sort your assets window b ...2009.12.24 11:50:00
- What I want to know is how someone in this topic is in a Gila, and even cares if they have full stag ...2009.12.19 18:13:00
- with a BC sized hull in nulsec, you'll usually warp within 50km or so of the target, and the AB alon ...2009.12.13 12:25:00
- I was in pretty much the exact same situation you were...and this is what I did.I started being a mi ...2009.12.04 02:29:00

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