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- Yep, and it has been open for over 6 years now.It says, fix the dang client. ...2009.12.10 12:19:00
- Don't worry, I wouldn't trust my account to someone with such a funny name. Only folks like Mr Butt ...2009.12.09 23:12:00
- Cancel all your subscriptions. Uninstall Eve client. Block all eve/ccp related email.Live long and ...2009.12.09 18:43:00
- Can't stand goons,.... Even goons can't stand goons. Because they are vulgar and smell terrible. ...2009.12.09 18:35:00
- Oh boy the desire of red tape by the GM is simply staggering. They seem to be determined to post the ...2009.12.09 18:25:00
- CCP did not react to the eve community the best they could. The community was shouting for CCP to im ...2009.12.09 10:56:00
- Nice background, I take it! ...2009.12.09 00:46:00
- I'm gonna be honest here; at the beginning of this thread I was leaning heavily towards the Sokratez ...2009.12.09 00:36:00
- There are way more things broken atm and API never had any priority so you probably can wait quite a ...2009.12.08 15:21:00
- How can I use the repair tool if I can't even install EVE?This is a poast.CCP, if new players can't ...2009.12.08 15:15:00
- You are wrong. CCP cares very much about subscription numbers. For (what should be) obvious reasons. ...2009.12.08 15:04:00
- Just ship the CCP dictators to Iraq and bring back the cool guys who actually know what they are doi ...2009.12.08 14:56:00
- lol, we did! we waited for the downtime whilst it was extended an hour :P Damn you! I though I thou ...2009.12.08 13:57:00
- So the players know about this circumstance. The plead heavily against it but instead of listening ...2009.12.08 12:20:00
- I would like to hear what ccp has to say about DD's in lowsec. They knew this could happen since th ...2009.12.08 07:26:00

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