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- Weird, it's saying "insufficent funds" though I'm pretty sure I have over 700m in there. Oh well, I' ...2010.06.09 21:20:00
- One to me, please. ...2010.06.09 21:06:00
- One to me. ...2010.06.09 20:44:00
- One for PredatorPT. ...2010.06.09 20:26:00
- Offer to me, please. ...2010.06.09 19:41:00
- One to me, please. ...2009.12.02 16:54:00
- All EFT can tell you is if your idea of a setup will actually 'fit' onto a given ship. It can give y ...2008.01.31 18:03:00
- Bump. ...2007.12.08 01:37:00
- Selling a fully equipped Chimera in-game on the Forge region.Reserve: 990 Million Buyout: 1.3 Billi ...2007.12.04 12:22:00
- The vexor may have fired on the station to get the sentry guns to destroy him and deprive you of the ...2007.07.07 21:02:00
- When i read the title i thought it was something a bit more like this, but with eve ships instead. ...2007.06.05 14:55:00
- I always thought of pos shields more like a balloon rather than a wall...I think the analogy is fair ...2007.05.30 19:04:00
- Strange way to whine about the incoming cloaking nerf, in my opinion. ...2007.05.29 16:11:00
- Welcome to EVE!Patch days are certainly not good days to start your trial in, however this is a smal ...2007.05.24 13:12:00
- It's an entirely player-driven market segment, prices are self-correcting based on supply and demand ...2007.05.22 23:14:00

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