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- This thread is ╔═╦═╦╦═╗ ║═╣λ ...2010.07.17 10:08:00
- I was taking your post seriously until i saw ╔═╦═╦╦═λ ...2008.10.04 23:43:00
- To the OP:1) STFU already. 2) Why do you think your "ONE" idea will 'FIX' EvE? All of a sudden you ...2008.10.04 23:30:00
- Be proud! Like these guys...omg... that was EPIC LOLZ! ...2008.08.07 18:15:00
- First of all, this is not a whine post. /tossed into whine-post-trash-bin ...2008.08.07 18:14:00
- And who's to say that combat won't be 'laggier' since more blobs are needed with different roles and ...2008.07.26 17:23:00
- Killed and pod'd a pilot named: ****ens CiderI was laughing the whole battle. After scrambling his ...2008.07.26 17:20:00
- Oh good, it wasn't just me. Bad timing though, I need the pics of Mitnal, Wrangler, and maybe Ryan ...2008.07.16 23:56:00
- Edited by: Akita T on 15/07/2008 09:18:43 ... Well, since our dear devs, again, in their infinite ...2008.07.16 10:41:00
- This is the only way I know of. ... I do not recommend it though.I want this. What are the skill r ...2008.07.15 23:49:00
- I imagine there will be quite a few people who will join FW with the mentality of "YEAH! Wooo PewPew ...2008.07.15 23:47:00
- Ofcourse 0.0 is boring. Everybody already knows this. They also know that most of the 'action' take ...2008.07.15 11:36:00
- This whole troll thread is invalid because everybody in the EvE-verse knows one FACT...The Cake is a ...2008.07.15 11:28:00
- It looks like shyte! Get a better card or stop with the fluff effects! ...2008.07.15 10:41:00
- LE SKUNK ANNOYANCE REGISTRATION POST NUMBER 3883RE: Annoyance growing at CCPs money splurging, quan ...2008.07.15 02:35:00

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