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- I recently ran into someone who paid me 30m to run a couple of missions for him to boost his standin ...2009.10.16 19:50:00
- I have only been in two situations where I had a chance to pay ransom: in one, I was flying a Hulk a ...2008.04.28 14:58:00
- What has CCP ever done for us? Besides creating EVE, making EVE awesome, making it prettier with Tri ...2008.04.28 11:47:00
- One of the most important things is finding a good system I think. I've got a .7 sec one with a rela ...2008.04.22 21:24:00
- It takes a while to get there, but getting 100% refining and 0% tax is very rewarding. You ain't get ...2008.04.19 10:58:00
- I solo .7 sec with a T1 light and medium scout drone...haven't bothered going for better because I d ...2008.03.16 23:00:00
- I got bored at level 20 already :pThen again, I did keep both accounts, and then I got a promotion i ...2008.03.14 12:06:00
- I personally heard alot of people complain about the sun being to bright and ive also had problems w ...2008.03.14 12:03:00
- Indeed, certainly with the buffing we just got. Also, there are certain ships like the Zealot which ...2008.03.13 23:55:00
- After being gatecamped in a new Hulk I've been rather low on money, especially since I have lots of ...2008.03.11 11:20:00
- Yeah, hi-sec hulk mining is safe (or as safe as you can get while undocked that is), and relatively ...2008.03.07 13:26:00
- Pretty awesome news :) ...2008.02.29 20:22:00
- I do, have FF as a back-up browser incase a site doesn't feel like working with IE. ...2008.02.29 19:05:00
- There's also the fact that we're not dealing with small fighters here. Even the frigates are (if I a ...2008.02.29 18:16:00
- If you get one you don't like, decline before you accept, then ask for a new one. If you get another ...2008.02.20 14:28:00

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