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- I just hope I don't have to walk about for ages cause I cant find the undock point.Or have to carry ...2008.05.22 15:17:00
- Edited by: Druid R on 26/04/2008 20:44:13 I like the fact he has mining drones.i put mining drones ...2008.04.26 20:31:00
- I like the fact he has mining drones. ...2008.04.26 19:44:00
- It hurts me deep to the bone to say this. Congratulations Insurgency. Nice kill. Back to the forum b ...2008.04.25 16:08:00
- The interesting thing perhaps comes from the fct that you do not have to accept the ELA to buy a GTC ...2008.04.20 15:47:00
- They're taking the Hobbits to Isengard!(sorry, couldn't resist)One does not simply freighter into Mo ...2007.12.28 20:47:00
- When a client at work does an FX for a **** load of ISK (IRL) and you think "I've still got more IAK ...2007.12.16 01:47:00
- Was a great little campaign and although i'm not sure we were the larger we certainly were the aggre ...2007.11.22 19:02:00
- if your orbiting a stationary ship your guns should not have to track and therefore should always hi ...2007.11.05 14:35:00
- j7yr-1 party in the next daysI find it amusing how you come in our thread and start smakcing - tryi ...2007.11.04 23:03:00
- Just like to add what a great fight.local was full of ppl chatting afterwards, no smack that I saw.G ...2007.11.04 00:08:00
- Secure transfer only! I want to byu 3 . 1 Character name: year old 2 Character name: talk clea ...2007.10.27 13:13:00
- 1 to neonerdaspostedMatthew - cancelled - reason - too long to claim ...2007.10.27 13:10:00
- Edited by: Druid R on 27/10/2007 13:02:56 1 ofr mkun1posteddiaomi - cancelled - reason - too long t ...2007.10.27 13:02:00
- all gtc's are currently out awaiting acceptance. If not claimed in 30 mins I will cancel those sales ...2007.10.27 13:00:00

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