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- cause eft is expecting your enemy to shoot you with all 4 damage types equally while ingame the fitt ...2011.02.09 21:12:00
- Nanofiber Internal Structure II1MN Afterburner II J5 Prototype Warp Disruptor IRocket Launcher II ...2011.02.06 23:37:00
- if I understand correctly you are training a new character from scratch to use a t3 to run complexes ...2011.02.05 22:14:00
- bigger the sig the faster you probe them down. If he wants to reduce the amount of ninja salvagers i ...2011.02.05 22:11:00
- or we could just all get our own private line from the server farm while we all sit next to it ...2011.02.05 01:09:00
- they probably just overlooked it till little kids like you made ava's like yours ...2011.02.05 01:08:00
- Edited by: Xituqtra on 03/02/2011 22:55:36 fun fact about bots: They can fly in fleets as long as f ...2011.02.03 22:55:00
- try I wanna be that guy if you want to play an impossible game ...2011.02.03 20:32:00
- as been said I believe chribba has acces ...2011.02.03 16:54:00
- Edited by: Xituqtra on 03/02/2011 16:51:26 When I first had my HIC I was like OMFG gonna get a gazi ...2011.02.03 16:51:00
- Homer simpson already found the solution to this ...2011.01.30 20:32:00
- shield is great for incursions as they give shield at beginning of cycle wich kicks more ass then at ...2011.01.28 08:43:00
- Edited by: Rhok Relztem on 28/01/2011 04:54:26 Edited by: Rhok Relztem on 28/01/2011 04:53:10 What ...2011.01.28 08:35:00
- anoying to regroup? it's just one push of a button nothing anoying there ...2011.01.27 12:39:00
- if sansha would only deal em/therm damage and there resist hole would be em/therm like normal sansha ...2011.01.27 00:19:00

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