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- My two accounts i closed of due to this socket closed rubbish. Got a 24 hour invite to try and get m ...2009.05.25 22:11:00
- /signedIve had a love affair wuth this ship since i started just dont get to use it much ...2009.01.22 12:23:00
- For the benefit of everyone here although my sub ends this month now anyway. UK and Karoo ...2008.12.21 23:38:00
- I will also have to say Eve University ...2008.12.17 13:13:00
- I can hardly play due to socket closed bug and i cant even entertain spinning ships in hanger trying ...2008.12.15 16:39:00
- Edited by: Goldfrapp on 05/12/2008 14:53:47 Well for over 24 hrs i sat in station doing nothing but ...2008.12.05 13:27:00
- Trying this fix on XP as of 00:01 am left account running and doing same as of now. So far no socke ...2008.12.04 14:52:00
- Also having same issues and for now will just log on to skill change and quick chat, timing is bad a ...2008.11.30 19:06:00
- Logged in today and everything is back to normal Speedy response from GM to boot although it was a ...2008.11.05 17:30:00
- Edited by: Goldfrapp on 04/11/2008 20:57:31 Thought you all might like a laugh at my ...2008.11.04 20:54:00
- Please remove this character from site thankyou. ...2008.10.17 13:09:00
- yes please ...2008.09.11 17:31:00
- Well i decided i had enough of being ignored so decided to cancel my order and within minutes i got ...2008.09.11 17:09:00
- Woohoo, finally shipped, looks like I was right to send another inquiry by email today ^^Lucky you 2 ...2008.09.10 07:01:00
- Maybe title should read " Announcement: Plastic Models are being held captive in the EVE-Store " ...2008.09.09 07:01:00

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