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- Seems to me, "fixing" Sleeper neuts has just sealed the fate of the other T3s. Now the only worthwhi ...2011.01.19 17:52:00
- Got curious so I checked strip miners ingame, but I don't see any overheating bonus on them. Just s ...2011.01.17 03:25:00
- Looks like it.- Max skills - Orca with ganglink - Mining Foreman implantThe only thing faster is t ...2011.01.15 02:35:00
- Bomb flies out 30kmBomb explodesAOE affects anything within 15km of that point BTW, bombs take 9sec ...2011.01.14 15:08:00
- 1) There are dreads. 2) Dreads still use siege mode. 3) Dreads can stay in highsec. 4) You can fly D ...2010.12.15 22:45:00
- Epic useless conversation is epic... yet useless... :D"Hi, I'm just wondering if a Gold Magnate undo ...2010.12.15 22:19:00
- *sigh*The answer is staring you right in the face... ...2010.12.07 03:05:00
- Becouse it was a thing i didn't know! Did you know? You (them) could have replied if you knew it or ...2010.10.06 15:17:00
- Question to the moderators: why is all this spam allowed? Question to the OP: why did you bother ma ...2010.10.06 14:03:00
- Are you a regular on the forums?Have you sat back week after week, listening to the "Nerf Cloaks" wh ...2010.09.29 18:48:00
- I think it would be much more logical to simply limit the number of ships capable of neutrally remot ...2010.08.31 16:06:00
- D-d-double post!Eve doesn't have a "manual" because it's just too complex a game to summarize in a s ...2010.08.28 13:54:00
- R ur Crew, makn ur Cap recharg ...2010.08.26 18:49:00
- I heard if you salvage a Ragnarok, you get 2,075,625,000 kg worth of Metal Scraps. ...2010.08.26 15:23:00
- STO did it.Of course, only certain types of ships and crew can target subsystems.And all it does is ...2010.08.25 17:26:00

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