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- I see funny thing and don't know is it a bug or not. When I import stuff to the planet, I usually d ...2010.10.09 10:18:00
- My corpmates sometimes show as + instead of * in chat. That's minor thing. Major thing - I've lost ...2010.10.03 10:12:00
- you can stack just not pin. False for me. I have Character Sheet and Skill Planner (or what's its n ...2010.10.02 22:13:00
- Edited by: Rieleph on 02/10/2010 11:32:03 BECAUSE it is so complicated and a testing environment NE ...2010.10.02 11:30:00
- I just wanna my Coolant and Mechanical Parts back. I've had about 5-10mil isk worth product on a pla ...2010.10.02 08:40:00
- Does not work for me in any way :(Anyone could post a Zephyr model? Or would it be violation of eula ...2010.09.20 01:14:00
- I enjoy PI. It's no longer annoing - as soon as I stopped my mining operations. I have 3 planets at ...2010.09.17 15:21:00
- Just made my clones. Thank you :) ...2010.08.19 22:15:00

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