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- I'm going to let you in on something my clueless little NCDOT friend. Every single supercap pilot ...2011.06.04 06:38:00
- When 900 just isn't enough... go play another game. Or Tri Tri Tri again. ...2011.06.01 05:48:00
- Deki hasn't died yet, so don't worry. We still got a job to do. ...2010.11.17 17:24:00
- Cya soon again ...2010.10.04 20:35:00
- Gratz guys :) ...2010.08.06 19:44:00
- Only 1 relevant thing came out of these last couple of months fighting.Goons are now in Venal. Enjoy ...2010.02.02 21:16:00
- Friendly bump for an old former char of mine. Perfect Gallente character with max caps skills and f ...2010.01.29 19:18:00
- You will not advance a single inch into Geminate.Your failure will be public, and painful.RZR and WI ...2010.01.22 19:08:00
- It all comes down to one thing. Mynas sucks Vuk's whiener better and longer then Tomcat. ...2010.01.18 16:14:00
- Time will tell, but to this internet spaceships reporter, it looks to me like Tri is bleeding from ...2010.01.13 18:43:00
- Edited by: NokNok on 03/01/2010 15:50:40 matata is leading the charge for the goons on the forums. ...2010.01.03 15:50:00
- Even if all the goons left eve and GS was an empty shell like bob is it would still be infinitely ...2010.01.03 14:06:00
- If only it were NC titans ...2010.01.03 13:03:00
- Good Heist o7I'm sure we fall under the category of having too little of value ...2009.12.30 13:34:00
- Yarr, I just hope NC doesn't cascade to soon, that would ruin us. ...2009.12.27 01:08:00

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