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- I've been around the block a few times. I've been a recruiter, and I've been recruited. I've built a ...2009.06.27 19:22:00
- Edited by: John Caldwell on 11/10/2008 13:59:51 ...2008.10.11 13:59:00
- I'll look for you later tonight if this is your main. If not, well, I guess I can hope you'll sign o ...2007.12.15 00:51:00
- If it's possible, could I have a chat with you? I really don't like posting generic "infomercials" o ...2007.12.15 00:49:00
- o/I'd like to talk to you in game at some point, assuming this is your main. If not, would you be ag ...2007.12.15 00:47:00
- I'd like to talk to you. I've added ya to my address book, and will watch for this character, but I ...2007.12.14 19:51:00
- Is the Macbook really not supported, and will it never be? This is with the 2.2ghz, x3100 chip. ...2007.12.13 18:28:00
- Will this patch cover the issues assosiated with the X3100 macbook? IE, escape menu causes a crash, ...2007.12.13 18:25:00
- Edited by: John Caldwell on 13/12/2007 17:43:19 I'd love to talk to you in game, so if I could have ...2007.12.13 17:43:00
- Same deal, I'd like to talk to you in game. Can I contact you on this alt? ...2007.12.13 17:42:00
- Some good offers here, any more?Just repeating my desire to talk to you in game. I wouldn't want you ...2007.12.13 15:24:00
- I'd love to chat with you sometime. Would it be possible to arrange an ingame contact? ...2007.12.13 04:06:00
- I understand that you may not be interested in doing this, but I'd really appreciate it if we could ...2007.12.12 18:41:00
- Could you provide me with an in game contact at some point so I could have a proper interview with y ...2007.12.12 18:36:00
- Edited by: John Caldwell on 30/11/2007 03:28:50 General observation #29: When people use proper gra ...2007.11.30 03:28:00

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