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- In general, if you're at work, you should be working. Unless you don't want to work there anymore.M ...2008.06.11 12:57:00
- Maybe it's his explicit character name that provides the ner***e. ...2008.06.11 12:55:00
- It's better in the right corp.The right corp has the right CEO and organization.Being a corp CEO is ...2008.06.09 16:53:00
- It sure helps to get isk back from insurance. If you believe that cost isn't an issue, then you w ...2008.06.03 18:51:00
- Cost isn't an issue. Whether you use an expensive battleship or two cheap cruisers you can obtain th ...2008.06.03 18:46:00
- Suicide ganking should remain viable, but I do hope that the adjustments they are talking about refe ...2008.06.03 18:36:00
- Wouldn't it be cool if this website had an Item Database?An up to date item database would be nice.. ...2008.06.03 15:51:00
- I happen to fly a Ferox regularly (boo hiss), and I like having the six rails (or blasters).I'm on t ...2008.06.03 15:44:00
- Not a big one (6 or so on the scale), but enough to do a bit of damage and get everyone's attention. ...2008.05.30 16:26:00
- Remove Icebelts in high-sec.This. If you only had ice in low sec, it might give people a reason to b ...2008.05.29 13:58:00
- I offer the contract.If the contract is not accepted, I put the corpse in a small secure container, ...2008.05.29 13:46:00
- Edited by: Captain Falcord on 21/05/2008 17:46:25 In my opinion, warp speeds are too slow. Essentia ...2008.05.21 18:40:00
- Yeah, I think my Rokh needs at least four more high slots, five more mid slots, and three more lows. ...2008.05.21 15:00:00
- ECM tanking is the proverbial GOTO in the field of ship fittings.With the introduction of the blackb ...2008.05.21 14:57:00
- The worst part is, a lot of "guys in real life" will be playing female characters with "huge tracts ...2008.05.21 14:48:00

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