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- time is little barrier to recognition by star positions, and seeing as its been 2+ years since W-spa ...2011.08.31 07:21:00
- New Eden is the local galaxy, but its larger nature is unknown. it is AT LEAST 12 billion LY from th ...2011.08.30 17:26:00
- Edited by: s666ss666ss666 on 23/07/2011 09:16:24 As far as I understand a bolter is just an automat ...2011.07.23 09:13:00
- Think of your drone bay like a hislot, its for damage/utility. Rep drones cant rep you just like rem ...2011.07.16 05:26:00
- MTACs can carry multitudes of weaponry like antiair a ...2011.07.15 17:48:00
- Its an old display bug, where a HIC using a script will display the unscripted bubble effect. its no ...2011.06.25 22:44:00
- XX ...2011.06.24 21:20:00
- I enjoyed this a great deal, keep up the good work ...2011.06.20 05:53:00
- Its a tad more than 9 times the speed of light bro. ...2011.06.19 19:59:00
- wrong again, you can use the normal station interface well the WiS space is loading ...2011.05.27 23:12:00
- CCP sells you database access, and gives you the client free to help you enjoy the database. its a b ...2011.05.27 08:05:00
- we can also conclude in that wine, cattle, wheat and cigarettes are traded in near even quantities i ...2011.05.09 02:10:00
- in-pod audio simulation for enhanced tactical awareness. ...2011.05.06 02:37:00
- the first idea is nothing new to propose and a decent idea. The second one is a horrifically bad ide ...2011.04.30 19:51:00
- In the Minmatar station at least, the ship is too close, its hardish to look high enough to see any ...2011.04.25 17:34:00

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