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- FIX black ops now ccp ...2010.12.16 12:53:00
- i was confused myself.To be fair guys i will sell to Kalinga as he was the original winner.Sorry Wit ...2010.12.15 14:14:00
- Om so we have a new contender. Can i confirm that witty is the new buyer @ 2.3 bil? ...2010.12.15 13:57:00
- Lol at M blanc. I am an organic chemist so I am making complex molecules on a daily basis. Thanks fo ...2010.09.20 11:18:00
- Thanks for your replies. I guess what i mean is that I have tried to trade in dodoxie and my buy ord ...2010.09.16 11:33:00
- So I have made 1 bil isk from trading and ratting in 0.0. Which i found easy. Most people in 0.0 are ...2010.09.16 11:16:00

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