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- You jet a can, you are part of a corp. He steals from your can and starts blinking to anyone in your ...2009.03.18 18:12:00
- As has been said before, Send me an EveMail or convo me. Depending on what you like, what your curre ...2009.03.18 17:37:00
- Funny story,The other night I was farming WC when the server crashed, lost my T2 drones. Nothing els ...2009.03.18 16:39:00
- There may be money to be made in refining modules and such and selling the resulting minerals, parti ...2009.03.18 14:30:00
- As recently as a week before M10 when a mission was turned in the entire site was despawned except f ...2009.03.16 18:50:00
- You want the Ships and modules forum.This is the wrong spot. ...2009.03.13 21:29:00
- I was never able to find any info on this. ...2009.03.13 21:27:00
- I have several comments about the new fitting screen, but the biggest is about the 3D of my ship... ...2009.03.13 19:26:00
- isn't that what a pass is?I'm not completely awake yet, it's only 10:30AM here and I'm at work.I t ...2009.03.13 17:30:00
- Wait, so what you are saying is if I give you 20 mill isk you will tell me that I need to shoot the ...2009.03.13 17:23:00
- ewww 3 hours a pass fit some gank Salvage for gur/serps is last I remember. that and all but 1 ship ...2009.03.13 17:18:00
- The first 3 hours of me being in game are running two passes. You can try to convo me, but I may be ...2009.03.13 15:37:00
- Worlds Collide Guide to farming the OverseerFor the last 11 days I have been farming the Guristas/Sr ...2009.03.13 14:26:00
- The real point here is that while there are a few threads about hanger/wallet management, (including ...2009.01.30 21:07:00
- Edited by: Brand Trent on 30/01/2009 21:02:28 /sign Simply allow the creation of partitions just ...2009.01.30 21:01:00

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