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- Wow...and I have to limit my reply to just mining? Like Mining has no effect on production and all f ...2011.08.15 19:26:00
- As soon as 95% of Eve's subscribers quit checking "don't load station environment"Don't worry, your ...2011.07.19 06:33:00
- Poasting right after a CCP Schill who is so new they don't even know the character transfer rules. C ...2011.07.19 05:57:00
- Well I haven't even looked at the forums in 2 weeks...deleted all my BM's except this one.It really ...2010.06.22 16:30:00
- So CCP sweeps this one under the rug to Out of Pod Experience...Kinda like they do with Macro Petiti ...2010.06.08 13:18:00
- Scamming is spamming. Especially over and over again.The lies about "XYZ" isk sent...and the alt's s ...2010.06.08 01:27:00
- ...overt homosexuals... Quit reading here tbh. Please feel free to join the rest of us in the 21st ...2010.06.08 01:16:00
- Well one problem is the low sec gankers *****e frothing at the mouth to gank mission runners might a ...2010.06.08 01:10:00
- seriously what the hell were you doing with ten accounts and still being as poor as dirtwell maybe y ...2010.06.08 00:46:00
- I can haz your stuff?Except someone who is a "vet" doing highsec radar sites probably doesn't have m ...2010.06.08 00:24:00
- Thanks Akita T, you actually read my long winded gotta go post. Don't get me wrong, but even if I ...2010.06.08 00:15:00
- Edited by: Geezelbub on 08/06/2010 00:01:47 The fact you have 10 accounts suggest you are taking th ...2010.06.08 00:00:00
- 5. The filthy rich get filthy richer and the rest of us scramble for the scraps.Sadly this mirrors R ...2010.06.07 23:40:00
- I have already let 3 accounts expire, the rest start in a day or two.Firstly for all you forum Ho's, ...2010.06.07 23:39:00
- Have read somewhere that the invention implants have no effect on results. True or False?Thanks in a ...2010.06.01 20:40:00

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