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- my older card, Geforce 4 TI 4600, met his end with Eve. Kapoet from overheating, the new card howeve ...2006.11.24 11:50:00
- Does anyone here have good setups for a Daredevil and Dramiel? Offcourse you need to be a rich fool, ...2006.11.23 23:28:00
- True Ralara, but I personally wish for more of a preventive solution than a cure. Trial accounts si ...2006.11.23 21:59:00
- Edited by: Lisian Tonoko on 23/11/2006 21:57:29 Not sure if this has been asked yet, but: How does ...2006.11.23 21:57:00
- It's funny this thread should surface, I was thinking about posting something in this nature as well ...2006.11.23 21:52:00
- Dev's , for the sake of testing. Can we have a test build wich favours the myrm in multiple drone us ...2006.11.23 00:40:00
- 1) (If the gunner can't see it, it shouldnt be ablt to shoot it)2) (Exploding ship, shockwaves, miss ...2006.11.22 23:54:00
- actually the Ctrl+Alt thing causes the zoombox, but Ctrl+ALT+T somehow, does nothing. Any devs wanna ...2006.11.22 22:59:00
- so the neutraliser basicly only works well against classes, smaller then your own? ...2006.11.21 23:27:00
- Once we had all them big publishes out of the way, I think CCP was thinking of broadening out combat ...2006.11.21 23:24:00
- I'de rather see new logistic type ships, that are mobile mini shipyards, specificly for re-arming an ...2006.11.21 23:08:00
- whatever changes you do to the UI, make it fit with the existing UI so you don't trample of its orig ...2006.11.21 23:01:00
- Discovering cloaked ships should be hard, kind of like Star Trek universe hard.Bring up the technoba ...2006.11.21 22:58:00

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