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- Am I the only one that was looking forward to a Pay2Win model?Frankly it does not make since that EV ...2011.07.03 08:03:00
- Edited by: Raven God on 02/07/2011 21:03:26 I'm convinced that if you hadn't done what you did we w ...2011.07.02 21:30:00
- I know i shouldn't be bringing this up as it does seemed to of died down receantly, it's just that y ...2011.07.02 21:00:00
- It is pretty obvious that CCP has overextended itself, funding three development cycles on one activ ...2011.07.02 07:52:00
- Edited by: Keno Range on 02/07/2011 07:50:03Why does he say I am confident about non-vanity MT not h ...2011.07.02 07:50:00
- Edited by: Keno Range on 01/07/2011 22:39:45 Edited by: Keno Range on 01/07/2011 22:38:35 I think ...2011.07.01 22:37:00
- Socialism this is whats wrong with this world. go back to school and learn what socialism really me ...2011.07.01 20:36:00
- unless Eve pilots will all receive free WoD accounts since we paid for the game. don't worry - I bel ...2011.07.01 20:33:00
- highsec is ****ing pointless and boring. to you. When people think of EVE, they think of massive ...2011.07.01 14:10:00
- Edited by: Keno Range on 30/06/2011 23:30:23 I'm pretty sure the EULA that we all agreed to said th ...2011.06.30 23:27:00
- Edited by: Keno Range on 30/06/2011 23:16:25 Really? Is that what you got out of your study of hist ...2011.06.30 23:16:00
- EVE is not a democratic society. It's a game run by CCP. There are no laws that govern what CCP can ...2011.06.30 22:53:00
- Edited by: Keno Range on 30/06/2011 22:50:42 If you don't like it, go find another service.I guess ...2011.06.30 22:44:00
- Yeah. . you read that right. THREE. I think this is a bad idea. In my humble opinion, CCP should ...2011.06.30 21:23:00
- Edited by: SilKKZ the3rd on 30/06/2011 16:54:13 I am starting to get really annoyed now to be hones ...2011.06.30 17:05:00

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