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- It's worth noting that at short range, it is actualy better to use the regular core scanner probe th ...2011.08.01 09:33:00
- However, if you start flinging insults I'm going to poke you to see how mad I can make you, then pos ...2011.07.28 10:34:00
- If someone else in high sec is an aggressor to someone in my fleet (eg flips their can) who is in th ...2011.07.28 07:15:00
- Has there been any thought of changing that?It was already changed enough. Anchored containers tha ...2011.06.07 09:26:00
- I know it is 100K for NPC corps. Isn't the tax free treshold configurable for player corps? ...2011.06.07 08:52:00
- Interesting. I always thought that you'd only start running the risk of being tackled before alignin ...2010.10.28 07:56:00
- I just sift my part of the sandbox before i play in it and shove the poop in someone else's corner. ...2010.10.06 07:39:00
- Also (making the gross assumption that your petition is for the reimbursement of some lost stuff), r ...2010.10.06 07:19:00
- the GM evaluation is actually in the ticket itself. It's a separate tab in the petition window.This. ...2010.09.30 07:11:00
- Forcing your enemy to fight you when you are at a clear advantage = Win.Only a very small fraction o ...2010.09.30 07:01:00
- Chribba is Veldspar.:worship:-GFixed.And yeah. Talking about Chribba in EVE is like talking about Ch ...2010.09.30 06:39:00
- What is ninja salvaging? :XThat too requires training though. The civilian salvager the tutorial giv ...2010.09.22 11:41:00
- I don't think there is, but I'd check the options on the intro screen (esc) . I don't see why it mat ...2010.09.08 14:51:00
- As far as i know, any ship aiding an agressed ship inherits the most relevant aggression status:- If ...2010.09.08 14:46:00
- Really, if mining is your thing, you should consider joining a mining corp. Not only will this relie ...2010.09.06 13:33:00

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