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- ... had to vpn house pc to pull this fit... this is the amazing fit... 4 launchers (lol)- cloak whi ...2011.08.22 18:16:00
- So are you going to tell us your great secret or not? If not, why the fk did you bother posting in t ...2011.08.22 03:52:00
- What others have said. The missions to low/null are hardly a concern. There really isn't any reason ...2011.08.21 13:54:00
- Blitzing = slow boat cloaked out of neut tower range? hehDefinitely not. Cloaking gimps your fit bad ...2011.08.21 04:57:00
- I'd love to see these magical solo active tank fits that can ignore the neut towers since I know fro ...2011.08.20 03:37:00
- still waiting for tengu fit lol cuz ive seen carriers die to lvl five missions this tengu much be AM ...2011.08.20 03:34:00
- To the top. ...2011.08.18 16:43:00
- Built yourself a massive blob and wondered why you didn't spot too many people? ...2011.08.18 02:40:00
- I wouldn't mind seeing this mystical 600 DPS unprobeable, Tengu that works under level 5 energy neut ...2011.08.18 02:36:00
- All prices are a reasonable discount below current market prices at the time of posting, and all ite ...2011.08.18 02:33:00
- Low sec is already the most profitable space in the game. Which imo works well with it often being t ...2011.08.17 17:46:00
- I guess I lied a little bit. Solo 800 dps SB is better for some missions. Safer to move around, bit ...2011.08.17 17:12:00
- No. I definitely meant Tengu singular. You can get 600 dps out of a solo lvl 5 Tengu, with plenty of ...2011.08.17 17:08:00
- Tengu is the answer to most any question regarding lvl 5's. ...2011.08.17 16:52:00
- Last I've seen, renting rates were pretty steep. And that was for just one system. I'd want to jump ...2011.08.16 14:01:00

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