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- / Signed Flinging Poo in a system near you.. Brothergrim ...2008.03.03 01:20:00
- Wesley, Wesley, Wesley,The question is, does BE know who we are.. That is the real question. A goo ...2007.09.06 14:42:00
- Cool,I am tired of shooting drones and now I do not have to go 30 to 40 jumps to shoot someone. Tha ...2007.09.04 23:39:00
- You have got to be kidding me.I still remember back in the Smash Early TDE4 days when blues helped t ...2007.05.22 15:33:00
- Just a little bump for the good guys... Good luck guys BrotherGrim ...2006.11.13 04:30:00
- In Essence with only 18 in local it is unbelievable the amount of lag. ...2006.10.29 20:20:00
- Greetings folks,Congrats to the Smash Alliance, nice work. To Ratel. Do not let anyone give you ...2006.10.06 00:20:00
- Great Job....Nice to see some Ex-Gentec members kick a little ass..... :-) a lil video i put toget ...2006.10.01 19:57:00
- Just a Friendly bump..... ...2006.04.28 02:26:00
- Yep,I am stuck as well. Cannot log on my character at all.... Looks like my mind gets a rest tonig ...2006.03.07 06:29:00
- Just a bumb... man did this sucker fall of the map...:-) ...2006.02.26 22:13:00
- For this kind of mining, you want to use a hauler. Slap on a miner 2, a smart bomb, put on shield e ...2006.02.24 02:38:00
- We are looking for independently minded individuals to join our corp. We have bases in Everyshore, ...2006.02.20 01:23:00

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