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- Sounds like an excellent exercise for newer players learning markets, or perhaps for miners who have ...2011.09.05 20:36:00
- Yep. ...2011.09.02 17:54:00
- :Art: ...2011.08.31 16:26:00
- Helping the economy - More ships will die - decreasing the amount of ISK going into the game and hel ...2011.08.31 16:21:00
- Sorry, but this is a terrible idea.The reason that gate cloak/invulnerability is there is to act as ...2011.08.31 15:51:00
- Always use your racial torps, but just pick a single bomb and both use that. ...2011.08.25 05:54:00
- Same time next year, yeah? ...2011.08.24 05:08:00
- I was there. ...2011.08.24 00:14:00
- Well, whatever you come up with, consider your competition. W-space.I live in a wormhole, where I ca ...2011.08.16 21:31:00
- Edited by: James Arget on 16/08/2011 05:52:55 Edited by: James Arget on 16/08/2011 05:31:32 The si ...2011.08.16 05:20:00
- What they will or will not do we can not debate, they can only decide that for themselves.What we ca ...2011.08.15 01:22:00
- How do you know when two guys in the hotel lobby are here for VETO? "Oh wow, you're taller than me!" ...2011.08.12 21:59:00
- You want a cloaky T3 and the Legion is the best for the job, it can get the most EHP by quite a wide ...2011.08.11 04:39:00
- +1 to that suggestion.Another tactic I've used is to have your cloaked T3 used as second cloaked poi ...2011.08.10 06:32:00
- How to circumvent this suggestion: Alliance A sends their supers in singly and has them log out. Whe ...2011.08.08 06:28:00

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