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- Some ladar sites have combat encounters too - although I've only seen these in lowsec. The clue is ...2009.07.22 17:25:00
- Toxif - I think this is a great idea.It's player made content - this sort of stuff will be very popu ...2009.07.21 12:53:00
- Current PVE only tests two things - 'can you fire a weapon?' and 'can you tank?'. We need to start ...2009.06.05 11:49:00
- I always toyed with the idea of some sort of "once per year" consolidation of equipment option. It ...2009.06.05 10:15:00
- When you make your ship: Fittings -> SaveWhen you want to look at it: Fittings -> BrowseYou can do ...2009.06.05 08:49:00
- Thanks - still looking!Will sit down and consider all options later in the week so, if your corp fit ...2009.02.24 15:29:00
- I'm a 29m SP small ship pilot (AFs/Cov-ops/BCs etc) looking for a new corp.Seeking a laid-back, adul ...2009.02.23 10:50:00
- Amazing - really, truly excellent!A really funny script and great characters. Don't change a thing ...2008.06.05 20:24:00
- I feel so sorry for all parties here. The non-techie users who are being thrown into a scary world ...2007.12.06 20:52:00
- Looking for a corp that has: - decent, mature membership (i.e. be understanding if family causes m ...2007.11.06 10:52:00

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