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- Edited by: Terrorina on 03/08/2011 18:05:38 I like a lot of the things you guys are talking about.. ...2011.08.03 18:05:00
- -4 accounts here, maybe i'll come back if ccp starts working on game mechanics and 'in-space' conten ...2011.06.28 15:48:00
- Wow CCP.. really?At least take the playerbase out to to dinner first, we like to be wined and dined ...2011.06.16 14:58:00
- This wants to get fixed very quickly, despite jiggling the pins around to get production numbers bac ...2011.06.02 16:38:00
- I've been having very similar problems.. first off all my production is cut drastically, but i didn' ...2011.06.02 16:19:00
- 1 question here: Torrinos is 1 jump from 0.0 system will the agent give missions to get in 0.0 (EC ...2011.05.25 15:44:00
- Join today, Paxton is a great home for players new and old! ...2011.05.14 17:35:00
- very happy to see that ccp is actively trying to reduce the lag instead of just blowing smoke. obvio ...2011.03.24 22:12:00
- I love how the blob alliances keep whining about lag, yet they dont fight unless they have at least ...2011.03.22 21:56:00
- I attempted to capital jump into a system to a cyno in 020 where there was a very big fight. Oddly, ...2011.03.17 22:28:00
- They look great from afar but.. For the love of god please let me be able to scroll to the dark sid ...2011.03.09 23:27:00
- transfer started should complete when CCP systems is done with it.Glad doing business hope you enjoy ...2010.11.15 22:26:00
- 10 bil BO offer accepted from El Estano ...2010.11.15 22:20:00
- I will be in game in about 20 minutes, headed home from work :D10-4 ...2010.11.15 22:01:00
- Couldn't reach you in game right now and I am at the point of first come first serve :) ...2010.11.15 21:53:00

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