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- Lots of fun and experience to be gained here! ...2010.04.27 13:52:00
- So, how did this make you feel?Be happy that they gave you an easy out and no losses.Some people wou ...2009.09.17 22:33:00
- Making isk as a pvp-char is all about luck. Luck that you get good NPC-spawns, luck that a faction-s ...2009.09.12 16:02:00
- Geeze, have you tards even considered rigging your own ships? It's not that expensive, and if you a ...2009.09.12 15:55:00
- Lol, hilarious.Thanks also for letting everyone know your untrustworthy.know his untrustworthy what? ...2009.08.16 14:41:00
- The Logic: Risk vs. Reward The Shortcommings: Not willing to take the risk. The Fail: No reward ...2009.06.30 17:05:00
- It was a lie anyway.. Balls have done plenty of jobs for me and left me satisfied every time.Yeah, ...2009.06.30 16:04:00
- I don't think I'll be able to fly anything worth saving this badly... ...2009.06.30 15:58:00
- Edited by: Gin G on 27/06/2009 23:08:32 kill a pod in my crappy frig in dedoxi diodexi that place p ...2009.06.27 23:38:00
- Nice catch. These are the new navy ravens - corpmate of mine soloed one the other day in a wolf. A ...2009.06.26 15:24:00
- It's one mid slot. What the hell else are you going to do with it? There is nothing else you can do ...2009.06.25 20:01:00
- sensor booster as it won't get on most kills without itAh, so no "practical/tactical" reason, only s ...2009.06.25 19:41:00
- If you're not fitting tackle, is a SeBo necessary?Yes.your reason? ...2009.06.25 19:36:00
- If you're not fitting tackle, is a SeBo necessary? ...2009.06.25 18:34:00
- Edited by: MadAtTheWorld on 25/06/2009 15:28:43 try this: Damage Control II 400mm Reinforced Roll ...2009.06.25 18:23:00

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