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- On paper NC should have been steam rolled in Max 3, but sadly the new IT turned out to be a whole bu ...2010.12.30 23:23:00
- The thing about media attention is that it's all really transitory nonsense which may be news today ...2010.01.31 13:26:00
- What a truly comic turn of events.It's a shame actually, for obvious reasons but terribly funny none ...2010.01.29 14:20:00
- Just checking something. ...2010.01.28 18:43:00
- Just checking I still know how this **** works! ...2009.06.23 23:24:00
- Edited by: Blacklight on 13/08/2008 02:35:21 Another clear indication that CCP cannot see the wood ...2008.08.13 02:17:00
- I think I might apply to Burn Eden ...2008.08.12 23:53:00
- I thought it was only the evil sploiting bobbits, scourge of the game and advantaged in so many unfa ...2008.08.10 16:56:00
- Congratulations Celes, good to see you're still going. ...2008.08.10 12:36:00
- Also, I almost died laughing at the suggestion that it was easier back in the early years of the gam ...2008.08.09 13:30:00
- On one of my various sojourns in WoW when bored with Eve I met a great guy who was really into his P ...2008.08.09 13:27:00
- I miss Twaddle!Congrats Dreamscape. ...2008.08.08 22:22:00
- That CHIKA QRE guy deserves an award for being the funniest CAOD poster of 2008 so far. ...2008.08.06 14:18:00
- Utter fail. ...2008.08.04 07:05:00
- The thing about COAD is that people keep falling for it... which is in essence funnier than it reall ...2008.08.04 05:44:00

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