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- I use to play UO, i miss that game and then went on to EQ :)Give us a look see Bulldog Industries.50 ...2011.08.31 03:47:00
- give us a shot Bulldog Industries. i think you would like it here ...2011.08.31 01:11:00
- Check us out, have a spot in our Alliance for you. Bulldog Industries. ...2011.08.31 01:05:00
- Hey Lady Ce'Nedra check us out Bulldog Industries.We are a newer corp with 50+ members all miners / ...2011.08.30 02:28:00
- Give us a try Bulldog Industries.perfect for what you are looking for ...2011.08.28 20:59:00
- If you can take the time to read this Bulldog Industries. you may find what you are looking for. Ou ...2011.08.28 01:05:00
- give us a look at Bulldog Industries.based in Hisec in Gallente space. We are a great group of peop ...2011.08.17 17:23:00
- Hi Antaria, i would like to personally invite you to our corp. We are exactly what you are looking ...2011.08.07 16:48:00
- Yay! i got on finally. I dont know why i couldnt log on. I sent you an ingame message, but will lo ...2011.08.04 04:21:00
- Where did you go dude? ...2011.04.06 19:25:00
- isk sent and Evemail with account name sent as well ...2011.04.05 22:35:00
- When will you be online? ...2011.04.05 21:32:00
- bump ...2011.03.12 02:03:00
- bump ...2011.03.09 23:53:00
- Bump ...2011.03.08 17:57:00

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