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- Wasn't there some limitation where you couldn't put a ship in your cargo hold if it has something in ...2007.12.19 06:11:00
- THIS POST IS NOT A VOTE ON WETHER OR NOT AMBULATION SHOULD HAVE PVP!!!! I dont care to hear your opi ...2007.12.01 21:05:00
- Only if you use T1 ships and mods. Have you ever looked at the insurance payouts on tech II ships?W ...2007.11.16 00:18:00
- Exactly, and the latter is usually a net faucet since you get a lot more than you pay and a lot of s ...2007.11.16 00:08:00
- Edited by: Aitrus on 15/11/2007 23:51:38 What you're talking about isn't inflation. Just because y ...2007.11.15 23:47:00
- If you really think about it there is nothing frightening about my little botnet as you call it.Ther ...2007.11.09 21:44:00
- So do I and my 150+ friends.Not that I blame you for making the most of the situation, but the fact ...2007.11.09 20:36:00
- Also, i need cockpit view where i can see the computers inside the ship and all people running aroun ...2007.11.09 16:37:00
- I've been out of the loop for a few years, do we even have an Emperor yet? ...2007.11.08 00:03:00
- Imagine fleet battles:fleet target primary unload dots target secondary unload dots repeat ad na ...2007.11.07 22:02:00
- Interesting point. Could you provide links to the threads, especially those where CCP has given a po ...2007.11.07 18:25:00
- Edited by: Aitrus on 07/11/2007 16:54:49 3) Also likely texture related: The "gunflare" on the min ...2007.11.07 16:54:00
- hey thanks for quick -fix!but still i cant click on tabs or buttons ingame with any mouse....I had t ...2007.11.07 16:44:00
- Is there a possabillity to fix this problem, besides buying a new graphical card...I used to run Ev ...2006.08.10 18:25:00
- . Universaly supported standards are a good thing. Obsolete and declining ones like OpenGL are not. ...2006.07.07 04:45:00

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