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- Thank you White Tree. It has been an extremely historic moment in gaming history and I suspect we a ...2011.06.28 02:20:00
- What a squeeze. First, you have the name of a major puss......., secondly you're a puss. Bring som ...2011.06.27 01:16:00
- Yes. Bringing the CSM back to Iceland on short notice is an indication that they miscalculated thei ...2011.06.27 01:04:00
- Tiresome isn't it. Was buggy two days before the DDOS attack today. Buggy again tonight. ...2011.06.15 05:16:00
- I'm interested in hearing more. 50 mil sp, Hulk, Orca, Recon, HAC, Logi's Caldari, Gallente, Heavy ...2011.01.10 03:44:00
- What another load of BS, 30 min early. Does anyone really pay attention to what the base has to go ...2010.11.02 04:33:00
- Sold, will initiate transfer immediately ...2009.03.13 18:10:00
- Sold, will initiate transfer immediately ...2009.03.13 17:45:00
- Thanks, it worked for me. Nothing like a little panic when you want back in.... ...2008.09.27 15:14:00

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