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- It would make sense for haulers to be paid a ton of kredits to move goods through low-sec space. The ...2010.06.01 23:28:00
- L1 = Cormorant L2 = Vexor L3 = Myrmidon L4 = Dominix? To be continued... L5 = Ibis>.> <.<That's ...2010.06.01 23:19:00
- Can I have your stuff? Bah! You beat me to it......can I have the stuff he doesn't want? ...2010.06.01 23:13:00
- My biggest mission lost was...*gasp* a Cormorant! That's about it in my 1.75 month old character. Si ...2010.06.01 11:18:00
- Thank you for clearing the matter up for me, guys. I appreciate it. ...2010.06.01 11:05:00
- A simple question. My account subscription will run out in a week for about a month, but I have seve ...2010.05.31 20:28:00
- People just love to blow things way out of proportion. There are other ways to make money on top of ...2010.05.31 11:52:00
- Edited by: Arctur Vallfar on 30/05/2010 23:06:37 I just active armor my Myrmidon no problem for mis ...2010.05.30 23:05:00
- Edited by: Arctur Vallfar on 30/05/2010 22:57:01 suposedly the ones in empire are already being use ...2010.05.30 22:57:00
- Edited by: Arctur Vallfar on 30/05/2010 14:55:16 Edited by: Arctur Vallfar on 30/05/2010 14:54:55 ...2010.05.30 14:55:00
- That's right, professor. It's tougher to scan down a player in a mission and salvage his kills. Try ...2010.05.30 11:42:00
- Edited by: Arctur Vallfar on 30/05/2010 11:36:06 This seems to only happen when I mine an asteroid ...2010.05.30 11:32:00
- This patch has put the foundations to reduce the MMO killer effect called Mudflation.You should be g ...2010.05.28 08:04:00
- The loot nerf, although a kick to the hardcore missioners income, isn't that big of a deal. Yes, it ...2010.05.28 07:43:00
- I think it's kind of...pointless. When it comes to missions, which are boring enough as is, my only ...2010.05.28 07:03:00

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