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- Good Pose for the facial expression 8/10 ...2011.04.01 04:59:00
- quiting eve.Just take this blindfold and stand against the wall son. ...2011.03.26 21:44:00
- Go Back To WowQFT. ...2010.07.30 00:25:00
- Must be those space cowboys that are running around injecting code. ...2010.07.30 00:12:00
- Edited by: RogueMind on 27/05/2010 00:40:27 On a carebear note....I cant get a level 4 or a level 5 ...2010.05.27 00:38:00
- How is it that Delve Sov falls and 3 'red' alliance fleets are already formed up ready to strike and ...2010.01.26 06:16:00
- I've honestly never seen every alliance in nullsec combine together as one like this. CCP, do we ha ...2009.11.20 16:57:00
- I'm really having a hard time understanding this latest approach by CCP to correct past issues with ...2009.11.20 15:43:00
- Probably would have been a good idea to invite me to join the know.......give it s ...2009.11.05 06:48:00
- Edited by: RogueMind on 05/11/2009 06:43:03 If you have IT, you dont need IT. If you need IT, you ...2009.11.05 06:42:00
- The reason the thread won't go away is that CCP committed unforgivable sins in nerfing unsubbed trai ...2009.11.04 19:07:00
- Who's flying the Blue Lion?The annoying Nordic dude or the whiny blonde with the training bra? ...2009.11.04 18:55:00
- This thread will simply not die. Crap...I need more popcorn. ...2009.10.30 04:00:00
- PS: Kypp sounded hot, no matter if u agree or disagree with her Amen brother. Props to .CON durin ...2009.10.19 21:57:00
- Quite True. Good to see some old Defy alums posting though. ...2009.10.19 16:57:00

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