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- I can't stop laughing. PAK units can't kill empty ships.PAK has got to be the worst, most sorry exc ...2003.12.02 23:05:00
- If you want to be a real pirate, learn how to swim in a toilet bowl. That's where real pirates hang ...2003.11.12 21:53:00
- Lag campers grief the weak just because they can. It's classic sadistic behavior.There's no point ...2003.11.02 01:50:00
- It seems the unadulterated sadists that populate this game have taken up this exploit as their own. ...2003.11.02 01:26:00
- Stupid.yes i am very stupid. Well I guess that explains why you think people that steal and kill ...2003.10.31 16:34:00
- There's not such thing as a honorable pirate. People who kill and steal are not honorable.Saying a ...2003.10.31 16:07:00
- Exploit. It's an exploit.People use this exploit to kill players before they have a chance to respo ...2003.10.30 20:43:00
- Noggy stop being a whiney little ****head who needs to learn to STFU, so you were ganked, big deal, ...2003.10.30 16:10:00
- D ...2003.10.26 05:35:00
- The players of Eve are using bookmarks to build roads.Road building is part of every civilization's ...2003.08.29 15:46:00
- It is in no way an exploit.My main reason for using them however, is to **** off gate camping griefe ...2003.08.28 18:30:00
- Makes it harder for you to grief other players doesn't it? ...2003.08.28 17:52:00
- Yes and they are laughing with me at your inability to separate real life from a game :)My time, eit ...2003.08.28 17:49:00
- yes, and glad to see you taking advantage of that opportunity, SuicideFred.No doubt that's your atte ...2003.08.28 17:36:00
- What CCP should really do is give all those items back to the people you stole them from. Stealing ...2003.08.28 17:24:00

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