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- ...2009.06.06 18:11:00
- I use my sigil frequently when hauling medium sized loads (3000m3 +) for the faster warp times, so i ...2009.06.02 18:27:00
- The scenario for which missile hitpoints were rebalanced was to make them survive smartbombs - it ...2009.05.22 01:13:00
- Personally, I am against unmanned combat vehicles, nearly to the point that I think their use shou ...2009.05.22 01:09:00
- Edited by: Zolian on 22/05/2009 01:02:28 The OP's link: LinkageThey were fired over this. Well de ...2009.05.22 00:58:00
- You can't go wrong with the archon. ...2009.05.07 17:11:00
- You should train carriers on an alt that way your main is free to continue skilling for ships that a ...2009.05.05 09:20:00
- truncated content ...2009.04.21 01:40:00
- No support. In addition to all the reasons previously mentioned if you had your way you'd be killing ...2009.04.21 01:39:00
- Hell no. The ashimmu would be awesome with some more grid and a better bonus instead of laser cap us ...2009.04.16 02:06:00
- Lą oł tu vas tu n'auras pas besoin de tes affaires. Elles seraient tellement mieux en ma compagnie.( ...2009.04.11 16:53:00
- ...2009.04.11 14:07:00
- Edit: The fitting requirements for 425mm railguns might explain why the rokh has so much grid for ...2009.04.11 11:38:00
- It's mostly because of fittings, 119 cpu is a huge ammount, and that's best named. Currently it's e ...2009.04.02 20:20:00
- Depends on what size of pvp you do but for small/med gang stuff you have enough range with scorch an ...2009.04.01 01:06:00

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