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- This needs to be revisited as soon as possible!! The Incarna firestorm is over, let's see some good ...2011.07.03 00:22:00
- Tikktokk - You seem genuinely interested in some productive brainstorming, which is great. Thus, I' ...2011.07.02 08:05:00
- You need to be spoonfed new content every 6 months to be happy?You've completely mastered EvE, done ...2011.07.02 07:27:00
- More to the point, when it comes to dust most people are JUST thinking about the money, but what i ...2011.07.02 07:22:00
- Had to smile at the real troll who states if people were respectful. then promptly swears at other ...2011.07.02 02:48:00
- No.If anything, WoD development needs to be cancelled.WoD is in pre-production, as of the "Fearless" ...2011.07.02 02:04:00
- A link to their 2010 annual report was posted here on the forums just a few days ago. Shouldn't be ...2011.07.02 00:47:00
- It is pretty obvious that CCP has overextended itself, funding three development cycles on one activ ...2011.07.01 22:14:00
- Edited by: Hans Jagerblitzen on 01/07/2011 19:37:52 Taken from Eve subscription FAQ "Your subscript ...2011.07.01 19:37:00
- Shame on everyone who bit on this blatant troll. Chumps like you are the reason trolling like this k ...2011.07.01 17:22:00
- So Mittani having a few drinks = entire CSM is a sham? Do the actions of the other members not matt ...2011.07.01 15:56:00
- Edited by: San Severina on 30/06/2011 22:07:01 thanks for zero 'REAL' information, I'm pretty sure ...2011.06.30 22:46:00
- Another thread filled with ******ed trolls and people already resigned to quitting the game, filling ...2011.06.30 22:37:00
- Perhaps "We have no plans to" translates roughly to...."We hadn't thought of that yet, but now that ...2011.06.28 08:54:00
- *yawns* Seriously? This is the lamest attempt to rile everyone up I've seen so far. There are plen ...2011.06.28 08:49:00

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