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- Ok so its been a day since the patch and i still cant get any of my items outta my damn hangar i cli ...2010.10.01 13:17:00
- Before I begin pardon the spelling im a bit buzzed and its very late here.Eve is a challenging game ...2010.09.24 11:01:00
- Edited by: Lord Nagumo on 07/09/2010 02:31:05 Eve could quite possibly be the most complicated MMOR ...2010.09.07 02:27:00
- Not a great list of skills trained and not the skills i would have expected my offer is 700 mil if y ...2010.09.04 08:32:00
- 500 mil is as high as im going so if you got a toon to get rid of thats in that range let me know in ...2010.05.17 06:47:00
- Ill give you 200 mil for him with his current low skills ...2010.05.17 00:36:00
- ive got 500 mil i know its way low but i need a basic miner contact me asap if your willing to sell ...2010.05.17 00:28:00
- for 2.5 mil sp i wouldnt pay more than 800 mil if that sounds good then let me know ...2010.05.17 00:18:00
- hey send me a mail in game and maybe we can come to some terms. im looking for a miner so let me kno ...2010.05.11 01:09:00
- I survived so free bump better luck next time ...2010.01.07 11:43:00
- free F****NG bump from me ill think about the contact. ...2010.01.07 11:31:00
- Maybe you could send me a message in game I am new to eve but looking for a corp if you do not need ...2009.12.29 16:21:00
- Im new to the game and joined the udc corp but no one is ever online when i am so im looking for a n ...2009.12.28 18:54:00
- Hmm im looking for a good corp i just started eve again and have no skills as of yet but im training ...2009.12.24 16:19:00

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