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- ftlWhere I come from (software engineering), % is modulo not a division, soooo......given that EVE ...2011.07.19 08:30:00
- Eve should be pay to post imho. ...2011.06.29 18:59:00
- Power of two ...2011.06.19 15:40:00
- Frigate: Keres Cruiser: Augoror BC: Eos BS: Redeemer Barge: Procurer ...2011.04.20 15:13:00
- I agree completely with mr. Shroedinger.A couple of (probably old) suggestions for the Eos: Drop th ...2011.04.19 14:55:00
- My point still stands tho.To me, information links easily have its role. From making every drake in ...2011.04.18 19:30:00
- You can safely join the mumble talks. 1: Its goons. They don't have the skills to do anything even i ...2011.04.12 09:24:00
- I haven't been able to see the new forums yet.But I definitely prefer classic coke. ...2011.04.10 18:18:00
- l2fit nubsIt's the nubs that make the difference. Whatever they are, if you fit them, blasters get b ...2011.04.03 12:49:00
- the RR Tengu actually reps more than the RR basilisk; Medium S95a reps 57.6 hp/s * 6 reps = 345.6 ...2011.03.29 10:27:00
- I miss ye old days of warp drives and star gates. This new "sail" idea seems awfully complicated. ...2011.03.18 16:22:00
- 1340x Bane Torpedo (cargo)You should change to faction ammo. The typhoon pilots will be disappointe ...2011.03.10 01:20:00
- Why not take it all the way, and also create super-assault-launchers, that fit on BS and fires stand ...2011.03.09 16:59:00
- I don't suppose you have a standard launcher and precision ammo loaded? ...2011.02.26 20:38:00
- Possibly the very last thing Eve needs is invulnerable scouts.Terrible idea.This.And everyone would ...2011.02.26 11:02:00

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