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- Edited by: Helpmethx on 27/12/2009 22:55:57 Edited by: Helpmethx on 27/12/2009 22:54:42 Please hel ...2009.12.27 11:16:00
- Apologies if this is a stupid question... Is it posible to get 1 r&d (top level 4) agent of each ra ...2009.10.24 14:26:00
- I see that there are level 5 R&D agents out there... are they available for us to use in research or ...2009.10.13 10:42:00
- Edited by: Helpmethx on 21/08/2009 10:19:13 The pos setups posted look extreemly good... and I woul ...2009.08.21 10:09:00
- If you put stront in your tower the pos will reinforce before getting killed, which will allow you t ...2009.08.13 10:05:00
- Hi, Please assume that i'm not new at this and I would like some pos design advice from others that ...2009.08.13 09:12:00
- Do I have any other options? ...2009.07.16 12:07:00
- If I bought minerals compresssed into modules and transported them out to a friendly corp in 0.0 wha ...2009.07.16 11:07:00
- Is there any way i can extend the range of my remote shield transfer module? ...2009.06.25 19:00:00
- nothing can haul the magic 1mil if thats where yr going with this... ...2009.06.24 21:52:00
- thx, but does anyone know about the bpo's? ...2009.06.24 21:51:00
- Does anyone know if the bpo's for these modules are still around:energized basic adaptive nano plati ...2009.06.24 10:40:00
- Please help me! I've read the guides on ME & BP research but the perfect ME level is still making m ...2009.06.03 19:40:00

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