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- That was an excellent night only wish I had brought the tray of rum out earlier. ...2010.04.11 23:12:00
- Plez take me off the maybe list and add me to the Attending!!! list. Its all in now I am comming to ...2010.03.21 21:07:00
- Edited by: TimGascoigne on 21/03/2010 21:07:22 states up dated ...2010.03.17 16:51:00
- This will add to the rang of tactics that can be used and thus gets my vote  ...2010.03.05 12:51:00
- Well done your doing RAWR proud. ...2010.02.26 19:12:00
- omg its true there be a podded podcast website! ...2010.02.23 22:31:00
- yes! This would make logistics so much smother as your slowest function is the unlock via right clic ...2010.02.16 16:42:00
- Blackwater its in hampshire by some thing like 1/2 a mile. ...2010.02.16 10:03:00
- Putting my autograph on this. I still believe that the best solution is official killboards. This wo ...2010.01.31 14:37:00
- This change would also be useful in PvP where people like me tend to turn off all effects in an effo ...2010.01.31 13:05:00
- This edition is badly needed. People seem to be acting like fools thinking that the 256 hierarchy is ...2010.01.31 13:03:00
- fail mails are back muhahahahaha!!!! ...2009.12.15 21:51:00
- It was a good time even though I'm temporarily out of game/RAWR there was still loots to be said. ...2009.11.29 17:17:00
- ISK for 2 bonds sent by me as of 22:19I look forward to appearing on the list. ...2009.11.27 22:21:00
- now I know what to listen to on the way to the london pub 28/11 ...2009.11.25 19:52:00

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