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- free bump- come and join the best non blob pvp in eve - ...2011.08.06 08:56:00
- Free bump - apply here for some of the best pvp in eve, small to mid sized gangs, no lag in fights a ...2011.07.27 18:47:00
- I would like to send my thoughts and good will to the people of norway and norwegian eve players. r ...2011.07.22 21:19:00
- I would like a cd of the devs singing soothing icelandic folk songs to a background of whale song to ...2011.07.05 13:55:00
- FW plexing would be far more inclusive and interesting for the regular militia pilots if there was a ...2011.06.28 12:33:00
- Congratz guys - i was going to buy you $1000 japanese pants but apparently they all got sent to icel ...2011.06.28 12:23:00
- OP is full of craap and he knows it - 7k accounts - loool in ccp wildest dreams and what sort of id ...2011.06.27 19:06:00
- of course CCP employees are posting on the forums using game alts and supporting the policies of the ...2011.06.27 11:06:00
- NO ...2011.06.27 02:16:00
- Greatest thread of the day ok so i have booked my ticket to japan and i have in my wallet enough $$ ...2011.06.26 12:55:00
- Edited by: Master Andrew on 26/06/2011 11:13:19 Yeah CCP Pan popped her head up once in that thread ...2011.06.26 11:11:00
- The fact that failboat posted 5 minutes after OP just shows that they are watching the forums and ma ...2011.06.25 23:06:00
- People are stupid enough to carry on buying crap from the new store - ccp will use this to justify t ...2011.06.25 11:25:00
- Edited by: Master Andrew on 24/06/2011 22:07:54 what kind of idiot spends $1000 on jeans ffs - obvi ...2011.06.24 22:08:00
- POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP ...2011.06.23 18:01:00

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