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- pls rename the topic into "bbbwwahhaa, i want my I-Win button, CCP!!!!111!!!" ...2010.02.11 16:25:00
- already scared that you canīt hold the regions/stations? AAA are clever people and know that this is ...2010.02.09 11:39:00
- Eveīs UI is horrible and outdated, starts with the mini font on big monitors and ends with the stuff ...2010.02.05 15:29:00
- every big game developer uses scrum at least in some parts in a developing process. ...2009.12.31 01:04:00
- have the same problem on my alt account. ...2009.12.31 00:58:00
- Letīs speculate.How can you move out of your pod when moving into stations? How long will this proce ...2009.12.29 17:17:00
- Got the email on my alt account whih was suspended, clicked the link in the email, logged in and it ...2009.12.29 15:12:00
- seriously, it sounds fishy, i too get spammed by xfire messages on 3 email accounts and all accounts ...2009.12.23 11:46:00
- Cristianity FTW! ...2009.12.16 16:51:00
- coming to the forums and writing a fake convo with a random noob and then hoping for people giving y ...2009.12.16 15:26:00
- only noobs save their games on C: together with their OS. ...2009.12.16 15:20:00
- I've already lost my Golem today for a completely different issue (socket closed on my gang when d ...2009.12.10 12:42:00
- i bet you cybered that kid after that convo ended... ...2009.12.08 10:48:00
- You got to be ****ing kidding me, CCP is the best company ever! Hilarious! :D ...2009.10.07 09:40:00
- how many ****ing threads are you going to make about the same tpoic? cry and ragequit pls. ...2009.10.05 18:54:00

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